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Amazing things that should happen more often

The US might be far behind Europe when it comes to the quality of trains, but some US cities are trying to make buses more like trains by introducing free wi-i, bus-only lanes and off-bus ticketing. [Wall Street Journal]

Google took armchair exploration to a new height this week when it unveiled its new underwater Street View, which allows users to see Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and five other amazing underwater locations around the world. [Mashable]

A new gelato museum opened outside Bologna charting the history of the Italian treat. If you're not sold on a visit, you will be after reading this: you get to make your own gelato!  [Guardian]

Ready for takeoff

All set to go, but too soon to tell what’s ahead

Some US companies have begun offering "buy-sell" programs for vacation days. Under the program, employees can manage their vacation time by selling off unused days from the current year or purchasing them for the following year. [Wall Street Journal]

North Korea's Ryugyong hotel has been under construction for 25 years and tourists are almost never allowed inside, but rare photos have surfaced of the interior of the hotel. Apparently, it will open in a few years, which sounds familiar. [BBC News]

In-flight entertainment        
Photos and videos that went viral on the Web this week

That random guy flashing a peace sign in the background can ruin your holiday photos, but when a beautiful sea creature jumps into the picture, it can create an epic memory. When a stingray photobombed unsuspecting tourists this week, a viral sensation ensued. [HuffPost Travel]

Much fuss has been made about the new Apple Maps app, so Reuters made a video pitting it against Google Maps in a footrace. Apple failed to match up, reinforcing the idea that Google always knows best. [Reuters/Gizmodo]

Hold on folks, we’re in for a rocky ride

To the delight of some travellers and the frustration of others, Malaysian budget airline AirAsia X unveiled a quiet zone on some routes, which will prohibit passengers under 12 years old.  [Telegraph]

After his wife had to make an emergency landing, confused US presidential candidate Mitt Romney pondered why aeroplane windows don't roll down. You would think a man running for president would know a thing or two about pressure. [Washington Post]


It’s a no-go

A supermodel took to her blog claiming that United Airlines is responsible for the passing of her pooch. She also is upset with how the airline handled the situation after she learned of her dog's death, which the vet concluded was from heatstroke. [HuffPost]

The skies seem to have gotten a little less friendly. A fight between two flight attendants forced a Chicago-bound United Airlines flight to return to Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina a week after a similar incident on an American Eagle plane. [USA Today]

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