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Amazing things that should happen more often

India's Kumbh Mela festival, the largest gathering in the world, happens only once every 12 years and kicked off this week in Allahabad. On the first day of the 55-day Hindu festival, an estimated 8 million people bathed at the merging point of the Ganges and Yamuna rivers. For more about Kumbh Mela see the full story. [BBC]

Health and wellness is predicted to figure as a major trend in tourism this year. Many hotels, international chains and boutique properties already have plans in the works to enhance their fitness, spa and general wellness offerings to appeal to health-conscious travellers. [Reuters]

“Armina Babayan, Armavia Passenger, Has Baby Aboard Flight To Armenia” was a real headline published earlier this week. The new mother named her child after the flight attendant who helped with the delivery. While giving birth at 30,000 feet likely is not an expecting mother’s ideal scenario, this is still a sweet story. [HuffPo]

New app Find. Eat. Drink. lets you ignore the advice of wannabe reviewers from sites like Yelp in favour of learning where industry professionals go on their days off to stuff their gullets. [Gizmodo]

Ready for takeoff
All set to go, but too soon to tell what’s ahead

The US Transportation Security Administration will remove all 174 of its remaining airport body scanners after concluding it couldn’t meet a congressional deadline to make naked passenger images more generic. [Bloomberg]

A British Airways employee who was told to remove her crucifix at work for policy reasons has won a lawsuit against the airline. Europe’s top court ruled that BA discriminated against the employee when they sent her home from work after she refused to take off the necklace. [Associated Press]

Hold on folks, we’re in for a rocky ride

The Regional Transportation Authority has filed a lawsuit against United Airlines for running a “sham” business. The agency claims the airlines lies about where it purchases fuel to avoid paying tens of millions of dollars in sales taxes. [AP]

Two Japanese airlines grounded their Dreamliner aircrafts after one of the planes had to make an emergency landing when a light went off warning of smoke in one of the plane’s electrical compartments. The EU and US quickly followed their lead and decided to take their 787 Dreamliners out of service. Meanwhile, that’s not stopping Boeing from continuing with production of the 787s. [FastCompany] [BBC] [Associated Press]

It’s a no-go

Air pollution in Beijing is hitting an all-time high, surpassing what is considered a “hazardous” level. The Wall Street Journal published a slideshow of photos from the smog-smothered city. [WSJ]

Oops. What was supposed to be a less-than-145km trip for one Belgian woman turned into a 1450km road trip across five countries when her GPS led her astray. She had taken to the road to pick up a friend about 145km away. [HuffPo]

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