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Amazing things that should happen more often

Full-time traveller and entrepreneur Andrew Hyde often flies transatlantic for cheap. He has the screenshots to prove he recently scored a $425 round-trip ticket between the US and Europe, purchasing the fare three weeks in advance. He used a few tactics, including being willing to book a multiple-airport itinerary and to fly on flexible dates. But his main strategy was to split his itinerary into two parts because buying two tickets is sometimes cheaper in sum than buying one. The Wall Street Journal supports this in a separate article championing the two-ticket solution. [Andrew Hyde; WSJ]

The sports extravaganza Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend, which means most people in the US won't be leaving the couch unless it's to answer the door for the pizza-delivery guy. But those who don't care about 22 guys tossing the pigskin can take advantage of heavily discounted lift tickets from ski resorts across the country who are trying to get people to hit the slopes before the game. [Gadling]

Google Maps had a big week. A day after adding North Korea to its mapping program, Google added 9,500 panoramas of Grand Canyon trails as part of its new programme called Trekker. Hikers strapped 40lb packs equipped with a 15-lens camera to capture the stunning images.  [WSJ/TechCrunch]

In-flight entertainment      
Photos and videos that went viral on the Web this week

Many of us dream of travelling the world for free. Shantasu Starick of Pixel Trade does just that by trading amazing photography work in exchange for room, board, flights and whatever else he might need. His latest stop was at clothing shop Brooklyn Industries in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which resulted in some stirring photos. [Pixel Trade/Brooklyn Industries]

How to drink espresso like an Italian, you ask? The owner of the excellent Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè next to the Pantheon in Rome dishes out advice for visitors. One tip: sip standing at the bar, because sitting down is a giveway that you’re a tourist. [Travel and Leisure]

Which is bigger: Australia or India? Maine or Israel? MapFight, a web tool that compares the geographic sizes of different countries and US states, can tell you. [The World We Live in]

Perennial Plate, a web series about socially responsible and adventurous eating, released their first of several videos from India last week, and it's guaranteed to inspire you to eat and to travel. [Bon Appetit]

Hold on folks, we’re in for a rocky ride

Boeing doesn't appear to be any closer to solving the problems that grounded their 787 Dreamliner jets. The aircraft manufacturer knew the Dreamliner had problems with its battery before one caught fire earlier this month, according to one report. Meanwhile, All Nippon Airways says it has already lost $15 million as a result of the Dreamliner's worldwide groundings. [New York Times/CNN]

In an episode that has inevitably been compared to the Tom Hanks movie The Terminal, a Spanish tourist has been stranded at the airport in Santiago, Chile for two months with no money to buy a ticket home. [AOL]

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