Movie nights are nothing new, but when the silver screen’s hairstyles are the main (or shall we say mane) attraction, the idea takes on a new twist.

That’s the concept behind Hair Movie Night, held the last Monday of every month at San Francisco’s Morphic Salon. The event brings together a small but loyal crowd of industry professionals, clients, friends and movie buffs that comes to socialise, learn and experience something salon owner Mishi Nova described as “very San Francisco”.

Each month, Nova and her staff don costumes related to the film, and she invites guests to do the same, though it’s not mandatory. Screenings starts at 7 pm with a brief introduction of the film and the featured “do”. Then blankets, pillows and chairs are spread out for lounging and Nova serves popcorn and soda, though people are free to bring their own wine and food.

Hair Movie Night launched in January with the film Some Like It Hot starring Marilyn Monroe’s wavy bob. On 25 March, Nova will show I Married A Witch and shine the spotlight on Veronica Lake’s glamorous locks. April’s film, Blade Runner, highlights robots that sport Victory Rolls, a 1940s coiffure named for the V-shape the rolls create.

“It’s been a casual and fun way to bring together a community as well as collaborate with fellow stylists who share my same passion for hair,” Nova said.

On the first Monday of each month, Nova also hosts “Style Night” at the salon, where stylists and curious hair fans can learn how to create the previous month’s iconic dos. Video tutorials are also posted on the Morphic Salon website.

Ironically, Nova’s one-of-a-kind idea was born from not knowing a thing about classic films and styles.

“I had been taking a lot of hair design classes in New York and noticed that the instructors would often refer to actresses and certain eras,” explained Nova.  “Sometimes I had no idea what they were talking about so I started watching these films and studying the hair, really to educate myself.”

The event is free and anyone is welcome. Reserve a spot via the salon’s Facebook page.

Kimberley Lovato is the San Francisco Localite