In the days of digital cameras and camera phones, quick-developing Polaroid pictures may seem anachronistic, but not so in St Barth, where the iconic camera format has taken centre stage in a pop-art interpretation of a garden villa.

Villa Polaroid at the Hotel Le Village, on the north side of the island, opened in February following a renovation of the original 30-year-old residence, and uses its eponymous inspiration both literally and figuratively throughout the property.

In one of the two bedrooms, seven Polaroid cameras from various generations appear as wall art within white boxes. In another room, an old camera functions as an objet d’art within a desk lamp. Pillows depicting a graphic image of the camera also dot armchairs around the property.

More conceptually, the entire villa’s design is meant to mimic the slow development of a Polaroid photograph, with colours gradually becoming more pronounced as you move through the building. The stark white exterior walls yield to brighter and warmer colours as  you move into the interior, and the furniture pops in bright yellow, turquoise and red.

Though the interior design can draw the eyes inward, the villa also offers plenty of distractions outside, with views overlooking St Jean Bay, a mini above-ground pool, and an expansive deck and garden with indigenous plants such as orchids and locust trees. Weekly rates start at 3,500 euros for a couple or 4,200 euros for up to six guests; low season (1 May through 30 November) rates include a rental car as well, making it easy to create snapshot-worthy memories both on and off the photogenic property.