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Amazing things that should happen more often

Everyone complains about the lameness of airports – the expensive but often subpar food, the never-ending tedium, the uncomfortable seats – but few do anything about it. Los Angeles International, however, has partnered with Therapy Dogs to start a Pets Unstressing Passengers (PUP) program that lets passengers chill with a canine for a bit. No evidence that it cuts down on air rage, but it can’t hurt, right? [Los Angeles Times]

Shetland ponies dressed up in knitted wool onesies were recently used as part of a sweet ad campaign for Visit Scotland – now the stunt has inspired an ambitious guided tour targeted at knitting fans, set to debut this fall. [The Scotsman]

Angkor Thom and its enigmatic Bayon Temple aren’t as famous as the nearby Angkor Wat, but these gorgeous shots by Nomadic Samuel help show why they’re just as essential to visit. [Nomadic Samuel]

Hold on folks, we’re in for a rocky ride

Even architecture fans may be forgiven for not knowing about one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s first New York City projects, a ground-floor luxury-car showroom on a tony section of Manhattan’s Park Avenue. In any case, the chance to check it out is gone, since the showroom’s owners had it demolished in advance of a likely move by the city to landmark the space.

Wright, never a fan of New York City's bustle and sky-rises, did just two other buildings there: a Prefab No 1 house in Staten Island, which is still a home and closed to the public; and the iconic but somewhat awkwardly arranged Guggenheim Museum. [Crain’s]  

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