Reader Giacomo Tini is planning a trip to North Africa, and needs to know whether bus, train or car is the best way to get around. Our Facebook fans weighed in with travel advice.

Last week, we asked our travel-savvy readers for their advice on the logistics of travelling through Morocco. By way of Facebook, they offered their tips to BBC Travel reader Giacomo Tini, who asked, “Which is the best way to get around in Morocco: by bus, by train or is it safe travelling by car?”

Check out some of the advice we received from our travel community.

From Peg McGlinch: “The trains are comfortable, easy and cheap, but they don't reach all of the good places. I'd say take a train where possible. On buses, if you have a choice, opt for the tourist bus instead of the regular bus because the regular buses go very slowly, and at each stop, hawkers board and try to sell you stuff that nobody wants, and the bus can't move again until they get rid of all the hawkers. Very slow process. Still, I spent a month there relying entirely on public transport – trains, shared vans, a couple of long-haul shared taxis and buses – and I had no problems getting anywhere I needed to go. You don't need a car if you don't want one.”

From Dave O’Malley: “I traversed across Morocco in 2006. Morocco has an excellent train network, and most major cities are along the central line… Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes and Fes. The trains are comfortable, inexpensive and timely. Northern Morocco also has a train line, which connects you to Tangier. Travelling by train is a fascinating way to see the country, and allows you to interact with the locals and share stories with fellow travellers.”

From Leonardo Micheli: “We had great experiences going by car. Recommended! Enjoy that amazing country.”

From Nadia & Casey Photo: “By car, for sure! If you are an adventurous driver, it's not that difficult, but you can hire a driver for very little and then sit back and enjoy the trip. Well worth the [visit] either way. Must see: Ait Benhaddou Kasbah, the Atlas Mountains… the Sahara Desert, Marrakech. There are many more amazing things to see and do in Morocco, but there is only so much time.”

From João Oliveira: “Definitely by car; you can explore much more. It's a fascinating country.”

From Ditha Utami: “Trains are comfortable in Morocco. Take train between cities. But I suggest to walk while exploring cities. Streets are narrow in some places in Morocco, especially if you enter the medina.”

From Peg McGlinch: “If you rent a car but stay in most Moroccan central cities, you will have to leave the car outside the city walls and carry your stuff to your hotel. Cars aren't allowed in most of the medinas.”

From David Allan [BBC Features Managing Editor]: "I took my own car from the ferry at the Strait of Gibraltar as far south as Morocco (through Fez and Casablanca), then east into the Atlas mountains and back up to Spain. I loved the freedom and flexibility of a car there and obviously I'm fine, but you should know that there is a severe lack of vehicular laws that make traffic in both cities and rural areas a bit dangerous. Local maps are not great either. If you're a skilled and steely driver, you'll be fine and will see more in less time and less money than by bus or train. But if you prefer relaxing with a bag of dates and a copy of The Sheltering Sky instead of an adventure road trip, take the train."

From Ulli Maier: “I’ve been to Morocco a few times, but always by car. You need a car to go to remote places.”

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