The theatrics of Fuerza Bruta, an experimental Argentine theatre company, first debuted on Buenos Aires’ stages and catapulted the ensemble to international stardom.

After two years of touring and performing in cities around the world, from New York to London, Moscow to Manila, Fuerza Bruta lands again in its hometown this month with its internationally successful show Wayra.

The company is renowned for its spectacular, 360-degree performances that take place above, aside and among the audience with acrobatic dance numbers, visual illusions, elaborate lighting and a live DJ mixing electronic, pop, percussion and tribal beats. Audience members should be ready for everything and anything – including possibly leaving wet when the hour-long show concludes.

Elements of surprise and mystery characterise Fuerza Bruta’s exhilarating shows, which are almost entirely devoid of dialogue. Scenes spin off into the unexpected, each seemingly more stylishly shocking than the last, and many people return to watch it a second time, drawn back to look more closely at the surprise props or intricate aerial dance numbers.

Wayra will run in Centro Cultural Recoleta, a multi-purpose space near the famous Recoleta Cemetery, from 22 May through 7 July; tickets can be purchased online through Ticketek Argentina.