Troy Kasting is interested in all that the Central American country has to offer – aside from the Panama Canal. Our Facebook fans shared their travel tips.

Last week, we called on our Facebook fans to weigh in with their top tips from the world of travel. Responses poured in for BBC Travel reader Troy Kasting, who asked, “Besides the Panama Canal, what is there to do when travelling to Panama?”

Check out some of the advice we received from our travel community.

From Brett Atkinson: “Kuna culture in the San Blas islands and bird watching in Boquete.”

From Gis Montt: “Bocas del Toro on the northeast coast [is] quite close to Costa Rica!”

From Group IST: “There is plenty you can do. For example, visiting Coiba Island, identified as a Unesco World Heritage Site, which is the largest island in Central America. The waters adjacent to the island are teeming with marine life. It is surrounded by one of the largest coral reefs in the Pacific coasts of the Americas; it is the beginning of the underwater Cordilera mountain chain that also includes the Cocos and the Galapagos islands. This makes for a unique dive experience you shouldn't miss.”

From Lycia Perini Pinto: “You can wake up in [the] Caribbean and see the sunset in [the] Pacific, also shopping, the Casco Antigo, La Ciudade Vieja, Bocas del Toro, San Blas... it’s a paradise!”

From Lou Rishchynski: “Take the train from Panama City to Colon and experience the Caribbean flavour and culture of the Atlantic side of the isthmus.”

From Lauren Carla Turner: “Pedasi is a beautiful town on the west coast, ideal for a break if you've been backpacking for a while and are looking to chill away from the hustle and bustle.”

From Petal Barker: “Lots of shopping [at] Albrook Mall.”

From Claudia Madalengoitia: “Definitely San Blas and Bocas del Toro... beautiful beaches!”

From Patrick Cuff: “On your way to Boquete, stop in David for some good food, coffee and shopping at the local and street markets. Just about half an hour from David, Boquete is beautiful with many rivers and streams, a temperate climate and a variety of places to eat local or introduced food.”

From Eat Rio: “As others have said, don't miss the San Blas islands -- they are an absolute must. There is also a great guesthouse/lodge called Lost and Found -- it is in the Fortuna Cloud Forest and is a great place for jungle walks, waterfalls [and] wildlife spotting (sloths, amazing birds, all sorts). And it's affordable.”

From Raquel Policart Pol: “Enjoy the local food! Mercado del Marisco (fish market) for countless ceviche options!”

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