BBC Travel reader Gustavo Saraiva is interested in paying a visit to Tuscany’s romantic capital city in the springtime. Our Facebook community offered their advice.

Last week, we called on our readers via Facebook for their best advice on visiting Tuscany’s romantic capital city in the springtime. Travellers offered their tips to Gustavo Saraiva, who asked, “Any tips about Florence, Italy, this time of the year? Which are the most romantic spots?”

Here is some of the advice we received from our travel community:

From Len Saccone:Piazzale Michelangelo, any time of year. [It offers] the best views of Firenze and her bridges, the Duomo [and] Palazzo Vecchio.”

From Gavin Campbell: “Go to Lucca 45 minutes away. [It] puts Firenze in the shade in all aspects of itself.”

From Mark Gimelli: “Avoid eating and drinking in the main piazzas. [Take] just a short walk and you can find great food at reasonable prices. Also, don’t drink your espresso at a table – always at the bar. It costs significantly less, and you will get more opportunity to talk to the locals!”

From Nadia and Casey Photo: “Make sure to visit Fiesole. It’s a wonderful little town about 30 minutes from the city with a great Roman amphitheatre and some wonderful views of Florence.”

From Spanos Yianni: “Go up to the mountains just before dawn [or] sunrise.”

From Deepa Mohan: “Michelangelo Square provides the best panoramic view of Florence. [I] suggest that you take a bus and walk down. Apart from that, Firenze is best explored on foot and best experienced when lost!”

From Freya Middleton: “[Take] an early evening walk up to the San Miniato al Monte church with the beautiful view … wander around Fiesole with the cathedral and walk up to [the] Franciscan church, [take] a whizz around the Bandini museum and then [have] a drink at the little bar overlooking the Roman theatre of Fiesole.”

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