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Amazing things that should happen more often

Austrian brewery Stiegl recently replaced beer labels with public transport tickets to discourage drink driving. This is truly something that needs to happen more often. [Design Taxi]

Bristol airport is seeking the owner of a teddy bear left in a carrier bag more than a year ago. The airport has been unsuccessful so far in reuniting the bear – believed to be named Glyn and be at least 95 years old – with its family, but has unintentionally created good publicity and the most adorable news you will read today. [BBC]

Grounded since January due to a series of battery issues, Boeing 787 Dreamliners have finally returned to the sky. The first flight took off from Sapporo, Japan, and landed in Tokyo on Sunday. [BBC]

US air travel became a tiny bit less invasive this week when the TSA removed all 250 backscatter machines, more commonly known as the body scanners that show images x-ray images. [CNN]

Ready for takeoff
All set to go, but too soon to tell what’s ahead

The new Google Maps looks amazing, but with maps that are individually tailored to users using everything Google knows about them, some believe that city dwellers (and travellers) will lose the "disorder, chaos, and novelty" that come with being in a big urban area. Meanwhile, Google Maps also added biking directions for six European countries this week, and is poised to roll out underwater StreetView of the Galapagos later this year. [Jaunted/Mashable/NBC]

Kim Jong-Un has legions of soldier-builders constructing a massive ski resort in North Korea, but the question remains whether it will actually draw tourists to the controversial country. Of course, a lack of people would also mean no lift lines on powder days. [Skift]

The rapid increase in Asia’s wealth is paying off in the tourism sector, particularly for Bangkok, which has officially become the world's most visited city for international travellers. [Atlantic]

Hold on folks, we’re in for a rocky ride

Record numbers of climbers are summiting Everest, but critics are starting to ask whether the feat is worth the cost, as queues of more than two hours are starting to build at the mountain's peak. Fortunately, watching this 48-year-old man base jump off the world's highest mountain might make you feel better about the situation. [BBC News/Gizmodo]

Ryanair, the airline everyone loves to hate, claims to be the most punctual airline in Europe. Of course, like most things coming from Ryanair, when you take a closer look, the airline appears to be hiding something. [BBC]

It’s a no-go

For most of us, the no-firearms sign at airport security is laughably obvious, but apparently not everyone realises guns aren't allowed on planes. Last week the TSA found 65 firearms – 54 of which were loaded and 19 of which had chambers loaded – in carry-on luggage at US airports last week. [Skift]

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