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Amazing things that should happen more often

Turkish Airlines has announced plans for a nonstop flight between Istanbul and Sydney by 2016. The 15,000km trip will be the world's longest commercial flight, as well as the first-ever nonstop journey between Australia and Europe. [news.com.au]

Every great idea needs a first, and Surf Air has become the pioneer of the all-you-can-fly membership. For now, it's only useful for the very few people who frequently fly between Burbank and San Carlos, California, but with free guests, no lines or extra fees, and a bunch of other perks – albeit, for $2,000 a month –  travel warriors can hope this catches on. [The Points Guy]

Ready for takeoff
All set to go, but too soon to tell what’s ahead

Do you love airline fees? Do you love them so much that you’d like to buy an entire year's worth? Well, United Airlines has you covered. The US carrier is offering the option to pay for a year's worth of extras up front, like $349 for a single checked bag, so if you know you'll be taking at least 14 flights in a year where you'll need to check luggage, it might be worth it. [USA Today]

Air Canada rouge unveiled its new "Glee-inspired" flight-attendant uniforms. The women's version comes complete with neck scarf, while the men will don sweater vests, ties and trilby hats. We can only hope the crew will not break into spontaneous choreographed song and dance. [CNN]

Budget carrier Spirit Airlines announced its latest cost-cutting scheme: to do away with traditional bottled wine in favour of the less vaunted, but equally expensive (for the customer), canned wine. The alcohol content will also drop from 13% to 6%, ensuring customers will have an even more difficult time trying to forget they're flying Spirit. [news.com.au]

Hold on folks, we’re in for a rocky ride

IdeaWorksCompany released a study highlighting the 10 global airlines making the most profit from extra fees. Australian giant Qantas topped the list, but – not surprisingly – budget airlines dependent on ancillary fees took up quite a few spots. Curiously missing from the list, however, is Ryanair. [Skift]

It’s a no-go

An Air Tran flight attendant lived what has to be every flight attendant's dream this week when she kicked 101 students and 8 chaperons off a plane prior to departure, when the kids were reportedly being – to put it in PC terms – little monsters. [CNN]

In-flight entertainment
Photos and videos that went viral on the Web this week

Try watching this video without yawning – not because it’s boring, but because prankster Roman Atwood travelled the world proving how contagious it is to yawn. The prank is definitely good for a few laughs. [Gadling]

The Daily Mail featured great aerial photos of American aviation graveyards, in which hundreds of planes are left to die across American deserts. [Daily Mail]

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