BBC Travel reader Rachel Collins is moving to the British capital with her fiancé and is looking for quick, affordable weekend getaways. Our Facebook fans gave her some suggestions.

Last week, BBC Travel follower Rachel Collins told us that she is moving to London with her fiancé next year and asked “what are some of the best weekend destinations around Britain and her neighbours? Preferably anywhere that is a quick and inexpensive trip from London.”

Our Facebook community suggested these locations:

From Helena Vyhnálková: “Scottish Highlands and of course Loch Ness.”

From Dacia Daniels: “Don't miss the quaint village of Bath – steeped in history, and you can visit the ancient Roman baths. Charming place.”

From The Spanish Thyme Traveller:Hever Castle and Kentish countryside, Scottish highlands and islands.”

From Leo Götze: “A weekend in Aberdeen surely is a weekend well spent.”

From My Destination Alicante: “There are so many. We like Bath and Bristol to the west of London, Ramsgate and Whitstable to the south.”

From Emily File: “Take a train to York, visit the Minster, have afternoon tea and wander the historic streets; a perfect weekend destination.”

From John Paul Cline: “That's an easy one: Bath, York, the Cotswolds, Brighton, Cambridge, Oxford, Coventry etc. There's many weekend and day trips all well worth seeing.”

From Yvonne Briden: “Stockholm. It's cheap to fly there and is a really nice place, especially in the summer.”

From Maren Wuch: “Cologne.”

From Ana Lucia Guerrero: “I used to love going to Canterbury for the day. There are also lots of cute little towns in Sussex; Arundel was my favourite. Of course Paris is a short train ride away with the Eurostar, though not necessarily inexpensive.”

From Kitty Harrison: “Drive up to Northern Wales (Conwy), [which has] more old stuff per square mile than anywhere. A really quick trip would be to visit Blenheim Palace in Woodstock.”

From Jennifer Connors: “[Take] a boat to Greenwich and stand on the Prime Meridian.”

From Maria Souza: "York, Chester and Harrogate. There are amazing cities to visit.”

From Rebecca N. Schidlowsky: “Bruges in Belgium [is the] most romantic place I've ever been.”

From Bára Lobkowicz Rygálová: “Cotswolds, Bath, Canterbury, Bournemouth... Also cheap flights to Prague can be found.”

From Vic Roy Herbert: “So many amazing choices – Edinburgh, York, Cambridge, Cotswolds, Berlin, Barcelona, Prague, Venice. The list is endless... Check low cost airlines [such as] EasyJet for deals from London airports, and be spontaneous.”

From Jon Hillman: “Copenhagen.”

From Maxine Clarke: “Cambridge, Ely and Bath. Also Netherlands and Brussels.”

From Ilana on the Road: “France is a good choice and only two to three hours away. Ryanair has quite cheap prices from and to Berlin. If the reservation is made two months in advance, the price can go around 70 to 80 euros per person both ways.”

From Gavin Campbell: “45 minutes flight to inexpensive Northern Ireland, all the beauty of the rest of the UK and some but at half the price.”

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