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Amazing things that should happen more often

The royal baby has yet to be born, but the world is already preparing to welcome the newborn. Celebrations are scheduled around the globe, from baby showers to light shows to gender-reveal cupcakes at US bakery chain Sprinkles. Read more about the festivities here. [The Week]

In-flight entertainment
Photos and videos that went viral on the Web this week

Tourists were lining up to catch a peek – and a sniff – of the rare, oversized and stinky Sumatran plant known as the corpse flower, which was in bloom for just a few days in Belgium’s national botanical garden. [AP]

A mapping project called The World: Traced by Runways renders the globe only using airport runways. The painstaking map paints a picture centred on some of the busiest, and also most accessible, places in the world. [Co.Exist]

Ready for takeoff
All set to go, but too soon to tell what’s ahead

Qatar is poised to spend a massive $200 billion on football to prep for and host the 2022 World Cup. To put that number in perspective, South Africa spent $2.7 billion on the 2010 World Cup. [Time]

Famous cruise liner the QE2 is prepared to set sail on its final voyage. The ship, which was sold to Dubai World in 2008, will be docked and revamped to operate as a 400-room floating hotel. [Telegraph]

The French have always been known for taking cuisine seriously, and this development just might be the strongest indicator of that. An amendment is making its way through French legislature that, if passed, would require menus to indicate which dishes are made onsite and which come from packages or were purchased readymade. [The Economist]

New Federal Aviation Administration regulations are upping the required flying experience for co-pilots, both in number of hours and type of aircraft training. While the new laws might appear to be in reaction to the Asiana Airlines crash, they actually are related to a 2010 aviation safety law passed following the crash of a regional airplane in upstate New York that killed 50. [AP]

Hold on folks, we’re in for a rocky ride

It seems many Death Valley tourists are testing whether it is actually hot enough to fry an egg outside. Rangers have been scraping up a mess of shells and yolks from around the national park, where temperatures have been hitting around 120F. Staff took to their Facebook page to request that visitors please refrain from cracking eggs on the ground. [NBC News]

The captain of the tragically shipwrecked Costa Concordia still has yet to stand trial. The trial was scheduled to begin this week in Tuscany but postponed due to a nationwide lawyer strike. [AP]

It’s a no-go

Since Asiana Airlines flight 214 crashed on the runway of San Francisco International Airport on Saturday, claiming two lives and injuring many others, the news cycle has been dominated with investigations and new revelations into the crash, which shocked, scared and confused people around the world. [Time]

The incident generated a number of related articles, including one from The Week decoding plane crash jargon to better help readers understand the news updates.

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