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Ever wondered if those member-only airline lounges at the airport are worth it, or how the various programs stack up? Maria Aspan, who classifies herself as "frequent-flier-minus – not quite enough to get free upgrades or even those coach seats with better legroom, but often enough to be wistfully aware of the luxury" happening around her, decided to get into as many "elite traveller waiting rooms" as would have her. From the good (dark chocolate Milano cookies and slightly better chairs) to the bad (nearly missing her flight) and the ugly ("Who let you in here?"), little escapes her notice. [The Billfold]

Couples! Are your vacations a little stressful? Maybe you're doing it wrong. Try leaving that significant other at home and going somewhere by yourself. [Slate]

Amazing things that should happen more often

The Lincoln Highway travels through a whopping 14 states and roughly 3,100 miles, from New York City's Times Square to San Francisco's Lincoln Park. To celebrate its centennial this year, 200 Europeans crossed the Atlantic, some shipping their vintage cars over as well, to drive the highway’s entire expanse and make some friends along the way. [NPR; Wyoming Tribune-Eagle]

There's definitely more than one way to make a guidebook. The Guardian looks at 10 of the more unusual and specialised guides to the UK, including ones covering public typefaces of Sheffield, “Aal Aboot Geordie” and the most twee things about Oxford and its citizens.

In-flight entertainment
Photos and videos that went viral on the Web this week

David Butow, who spent 2012 photographing Buddhists in Asia, was featured in the New York Times' Lens blog. Some very harmonious shots.

At Thailand's Elephant Stay conservation camp, local pachyderms are playing the (12-bar) blues. [Arts Journal]

The CIA's museum, at its headquarters outside of Washington DC, is normally open only to its employees and specially invited guests. NBC managed to get itself on the list too, producing an interesting slideshow of exhibits including a proto-drone that looks like a dragonfly, the AK-47 discovered near Osama bin-Laden and a mainframe, on loan from the NSA, containing every phone call you've ever made (just kidding about the last one). [NBC News]

Hold on folks, we’re in for a rocky ride

Hard to believe but true: in the UK at least, if you bought airline tickets with the wrong name, it can actually cost less to have your name changed legally than get the airline to correct the error. [BBC World News]

Bees were to blame for a three-hour delay this week on an Indianapolis-bound US Airways flight from Charlotte, North Carolina. The bees, probably looking to establish a hive, swarmed a tug (the vehicle that gets jets to and from the gates). We much prefer the bee beards ourselves. [Charlotte Observer]

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