BBC Travel reader Agoslakbay wants to know what others consider crucial when undertaking a trip. From patience to toilet paper, our Facebook followers shared their suggestions.

Last week, we called upon our Facebook community to answer Agoslakbay’s question concerning their absolute travel must-haves. He asked, "What are the top 10 essentials when travelling?"

Here is some of the advice we received from our Facebook fans:

Michael Saw JM: “There's only three: passport, money and visa.”

From Bobbi Mackenzie: “Scan all your important papers, passport, visas, tickets etc and email them to yourself.”

Carlos Franco: “Always try local food! Try to go to places off the beaten track! They are usually the ones which leave a mark on you (i.e. instead of going to France or Spain where everybody goes, go to Macedonia or Bosnia, which are incredibly safe places, incredibly beautiful and incredibly few tourists go there). Always ask for places where the locals go for a pint or a night out. It's incredible the fun you can have with the locals everywhere in the world!”

Lena Parkhimovich: “An open mind: smile, expecting the unexpected.”

Rachel Sisk: “IPad, iPhone, credit card and passport.”

Emily Booth: “Patience, head lamp, rain jacket, booze – not necessarily in that order.”

Monique Chen: “Water, passport, towel, brush, money stuff, eco bag, hat, folded umbrella, medicine and flip flops.”

H.w. Roos: “Tickets (plane, train, bus), identity papers, meds (Aspirin etc can come in handy) phone, money, dictionary (if you go to a country where you don’t speak the language), a smile and endless patience.”

Juárez Benito: “Plug converter”

Rachael Jones: “Kindle!”

Jennifer Gillick: “Toilet paper!”

Mary Batenhorst: “Openness”

Bridget Mackintosh: “Two things: don't panic and always pack a towel!”

Betinah Musonda: “Updates about political and economical situations.”

Lavinia Fralenuvole: “Money (get some local currency before crossing the border, plus some small bills in case of a "border fee"), passport and passport size photos, headlamp, book and camera.”

Out Abroad: “A hammock because the view is always better from a hammock.”

Wandering Mason: “Socks and make-up wipes are my essentials when flying.”

Nikhil: “Documents, scanned docs in email, unlocked phone, clean underwear, plug converters, money/cards and toilet paper!”

Shane Bowman: “Big wad of hard currency.”

Your Escape Blueprint: “Universal sink plug, door stop, flashlight, string for laundry and a sense of humour! That's all you need!”

Jigar Parekh: “Water, emergency food, first aid, a lighter/emergency light, a map, small tool kit and sleeping bag/tent.”

Bryony Thomson: “Raincoat, painkillers and spare undies.”

Jessica Kittle: “Water, emergency food, sleeping bag, a good map, a toothbrush and a small book (trust me, you'll be happy to have one when you have to wait for three hours for the next bus).”

Heike Scheerer-Buchmeier: “Open mind, humour, patience, credit card, dollar bills, camera, language guide, address book, torch and kindle.”

Stephen Graves: “Return ticket(s).”

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