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Amazing things that should happen more often

To further cater to their guests’ needs, a number of luxury hotels are hiring specialty concierges. These niche staffers provide such services as running coaching, fragrance consultation or even helping to cure a hangover. (MarketWatch)

A number of Irish-Americans are getting in touch with their heritage with a regal investment: Emerald Isle castles. In today’s sluggish economy the sprawling castle and manor properties are available at (relatively) bargain prices. (New York Times)

Inflight entertainment
Photos and videos that went viral on the Web this week

Famed street artist Banksy is in the middle of a month-long residency in New York, using the city as his canvas and gallery. View his works – one revealed each day – with this updated photo collection. [Time]

Ready for takeoff
All set to go, but too soon to tell what’s ahead

The iconic violin that played as the Titanic sank in 1912 is on public display before it is auctioned off this weekend. The instrument is expected to fetch at least £300,000, which would make it the shipwreck’s most valuable item. (BBC)

Hold on folks, we’re in for a rocky ride

It’s not just you. Those economy seats really are getting tinier. In order to fit in a handful more seats and lighten load – and therefore reduce fuel costs – many major US airlines are swapping out standard seats for slimmer models. (AP)

US national parks are reopening after all 401 were closed during the government’s temporary but costly shutdown. The National Park Service is estimated to have lost millions during that time: assess the impact with this infographic. (HuffPo)

Cubicle apartments in Hong Kong give new definition to the word small. The Asian city has some of the highest costs of living in the world, leaving lower-income residents with only cramped accommodation options. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Melbourne Airport was on lockdown this week when a kangaroo hopped into the airport. Wildlife volunteers were called and had to sedate the marsupial in an airport pharmacy. (MailOnline)

It’s a no-go

A tragic earthquake that shook the Philippines on Tuesday claimed a number of lives. It also levelled 10 historical landmarks on the Visayas, all Spanish colonial-era churches considered important to the islands’ heritage. (AP)

A baggage handler was arrested in connection with dry ice explosions at LAX. No one was injured, but the incidents did cause delays. (AP)

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