In travel we find endless inspiration – and what we love most is to be inspired by extraordinary explorers.

BBC Travel is on the hunt for Travel Pioneers: people who are changing the way we think about the world. We’re looking to follow the journeys of people doing something truly innovative and inspiring, who are either experiencing the globe in a new way or helping others to do so. This could be something physical, educational or organisational – the sky’s the limit (literally!).

We’re calling on you, our readers, for nominations. The only criteria are that you don’t nominate yourself, that your nominee is thinking about travel in a fresh way, and that their project or expedition is a reflection of that. If you’re sure they meet the mark, then send a short email (no more than 250 words) to, telling us who they are, what they are doing or are planning on doing, and why you believe it’s going to change the travel sphere.