Irreverent responses from our favourite travel ninjas

Name: Brett Snyder
Title/bio: President and chief airline dork of Cranky Flier, a blog designed to be your personal air travel assistant.
Twitter/website: @crankyflier|
Born in: Los Angeles, California
Currently living in: Long Beach, California

1. Where would you rather be right now?
Maui. I grew up going there, so now I never feel the need to do touristy stuff and I can just relax.

2. Famous person (dead or alive, real or fictional) you’d most like to go on a trip with:
I’d love to take a trip with former Southwest Airlines CEO Herb Kelleher. I imagine days of heavy drinking and partying with excellent conversation along the way.

3.Best (or worst) person/people you’ve had to sit next to while travelling:
Last year I sat in front of Buzz Aldrin on a British Airways flight, the second person to walk on the moon. That is all kinds of awesome.

4. Strangest meal abroad:
or guinea pig, in Peru. It was delicious but there’s not a lot of meat on the bones and they serve it whole, so you really feel like you’re eating your childhood pet.

5. Material thing you miss the most when away from home:
All of my liquids that come in larger than 3oz containers

6. Most unique souvenir:
A copy of Siddharta’s album, ID. I was in Slovenia a decade ago and though iPods did exist, we didn’t have an adapter to play it in the car. So we found a CD shop and bought a couple of CDs to keep us entertained, one of which was from this local Slovenian band. Only one of the songs was in English (very poor English at that), but we didn’t care. We must have listened to that thing dozens of times and we brought the CD back home with us.

7.Coolest mode of transport you’ve taken:
Concorde from London to New York. There is nothing cooler, and it’s very sad that its now gone.

8.Travel-related film or book that inspires you to pack your bags:
Any Bill Bryson book. I’m convinced he’s some sort of wizard in that, if he so chose, he could make you want to go to even the worst places on Earth.

9.The travel story you’ll never stop bragging about:
Did I mention I flew on the Concorde? Yeah... that.