In a city where artistic freedom and tolerance prevail – and where funds are scarce – online blogs and magazines are the lifeblood of Berlin’s ever-mushrooming creative sector.

Reflecting the collaborative spirit of this web-based network, online art portal a.muse is hosting an end-of-year exhibition featuring eight emerging Berlin-based artists they’ve devoted digital ink to this year.

Covering painting, photography, drawing and illustration, the exhibition can be seen as a microcosm of a thriving alternative scene that sits somewhere between mainstream gallery collections and the artwork that decorates coffee shop walls around the city.

As you might expect from a curated exhibition, there is a solidity to the artists on offer, from the intriguing “medium-is-the-message” newspaper-based works of Winston Torr, to the dark-but-elegant pencil sketches and street art of Felix Gephart, to the striking, large-scale paintings of 21-year-old Elena Tamburini, a talented Berlin University of Arts graduate.

Not only will the art be priced to allow for some creative gift opportunities (all pieces are under 350 euros), the exhibition will also build a bridge to less fortunate communities by donating 5% of the proceeds to the Kältebus. This initiative gives warm food and clothing to the homeless in Berlin, a city renowned for its brutally cold winters, and visitors are asked to bring warm clothes to donate to a Kältebus collection basket on the night.

The exhibition will take place from 17 to 22 December at atelier-cum-exhibition-space Hoppla Charlotte. The artists will be present at the opening and there will be special holiday treats and drinks available throughout.

Paul Sullivan is the Berlin Localite for BBC Travel. He also runs/writes