The most adorable first flight ever

It’s taken these two grandmothers more than 70 years to travel on a plane – but when they finally do, the result is incredibly heartwarming.

Do you remember your first flight? For many of us at BBC Travel, the answer is no. We’ve taken to the skies so often that the trips seem to merge into one – and some of us have been flying since before we can even remember.

But in this extremely heartwarming video of two Dutch grandmothers taking to the skies for the first time, we’re instantly reminded of how amazing it is to soar through the air and look down on the vast beauty of our world.  

Despite being a part of a Vodaphone ad campaign, the video provides an incredibly touching and inspirational story.

It pairs adventurous Ria, a spunky 78 year old who always wanted to fly but was married to a man who never would, with An, a cautious 72 year old whose husband could never convince her to face her fear of flying. Ria is ready to jump on the plane straight away, while An worries about everything that can go wrong. But it’s their opposite personalities that bring the two women, who’d never met, so close together; and the result is an uplifting display of their emotional journey – from fear to excitement, and finally, to an appreciation of flying that is so genuine it brought tears to our eyes.

The piece really takes off about six minutes in, but the interviews with the women earlier in the video are equally adorable.

“1,000km… Holy Moly! To me, driving a car at 140km per hour is fast enough!”

“There will be clouds, of course… at least that’s what I’ve heard, that you fly through them.”

“If you don’t know what it is, there’s no reason to be afraid."

Through their experience, from their journey on the private jet to the overwhelming euphoria they feel when arriving in Barcelona, we’re reminded of travelling’s remarkable ability to transform our experiences, memories and lives.