Sydney’s ice rink on the beach

Travellers heading to Sydney’s iconic beach are in for a surprise: until 13 July the iconic sandy coastline has been transformed into an icy wonderland.

Travellers heading to Sydney’s Bondi Beach are in for a surprise: until 13 July the iconic coastline has been transformed into a winter wonderland with the construction of the country’s only beachside ice rink.

The space is part of the Bondi Winter Magic festival that aims to draw people to the beach during the cooler months, luring them with arts, culture, food, music and exhibitions.

One eclectic production is pop-up festival Bondi Feast, running from 8 to 26 July, that’s a fusion of theatre, comedy, music and food. Those who want to learn about the area’s history can sign up to a Bondi History Walk, held every Wednesday and Sunday throughout July. And on 13 July, Bondi’s Roscoe Street Mall will turn into an art showcase as a special one-off Art on the Streets display.

The ice rink, however, is perhaps the most novel attraction, since skaters have the unique opportunity to glide along the ice while watching surfers catch waves. First timers can rent a penguin pal for skating assistance; these cute aids can be pushed along, offering stability and fun photo opportunities for parents.

Skating sessions are 45 minutes long and begin on the hour from 10 am to 9 pm (the last session is at 8 pm).

Tatyana Leonov is the Sydney Localite for BBC Travel