In 1977, Robyn Davidson set off on a nine-month odyssey through the Australian Outback. The journey’s poignant moments were captured by National Geographic photographer Rick Smolan.

The world presents would-be travellers with all kinds of great journeys: a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in Jerusalem; the trek Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta undertook across North Africa; a drive back in time along the United States’ old Route 66.

In 1977, Robyn Davidson embarked on a particularly distinctive an intimate journey: crossing the Australian Outback. With only four camels and her dog, Davidson travelled from Alice Springs in central Australia, through the Gibson Desert westward to the coast of the Indian Ocean.

The journey took nine months to complete. She documented the legendary trip in her book, Tracks, and photographer Rick Smolan recently compiled the trip's stunning imagery in his new book, Inside Tracks.

Above is an interview with Smolan, who looks back on this astounding and challenging journey.