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Living In

Living in... great university towns

Usually liberal and forward thinking, these five cities have culturally vibrant, well-educated populations and are often ranked as some of the most sought after places to live.
Read more… 20 November 2013

The Passport blog

The cost of flying on the cheap

Spirit Airlines, Ryan Air and Air Asia have made a business out of offering dirt-cheap airfares, but the experience of flying them may not be worth the price.
Read more… 06 March 2013

America’s most beautiful college libraries

With concerts, art exhibits and cafes, these buildings inspire more than just study sessions.
14 January 2013

The Passport blog

Is the snap year the new gap year?

The old gap year order has changed. Thanks to recent tuition fee rises, the gap year’s shorter, punchier younger sister was born – "the snap year" – and it’s here to stay.
Read more… 23 November 2012

Beyond the Headlines

The statistics of studying abroad

The world’s international student population numbers more than 3.7 million, and is increasing by about 12% each year, benefiting individuals and entire nations alike.
Read more… 26 September 2012

Best student cities: Vienna

Students from around the world come to study in the land where luminaries like Mozart, Freud and Klimt once walked.
Read more… 14 September 2012

Best student cities: Melbourne

The prestige of its universities tops Sydney’s offerings, making Melbourne a hugely popular destination for those looking to study in the world’s most liveable city.
Read more… 13 September 2012

Best student cities: Boston

Affectionately called Beantown, this Massachusetts city is the unofficial student capital of the United States, with an energetic college population and ample green spaces.
Read more… 12 September 2012

Best student cities: London

The English capital is a world cultural leader and key financial centre, attracting students in all areas of study to some of the top universities in the world.
Read more… 11 September 2012

Best student cities: Paris

Every year, tens of thousands of students descend on the city for their studies, most likely with visions of passing one of the city’s architectural landmarks while commuting to class.
Read more… 10 September 2012

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