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Mini Guide

Mini guide to coastal Mauritius

Sapphire waters and powder-white beaches have long made it a hit with honeymooners, but the Indian Ocean island is much more than just a fly-and-flop destination.
Read more… 01 February 2013

Riding Sri Lanka’s new wave

The remote coastal town of Arugam Bay is gaining traction for its easy access to exotic wildlife and surf that is widely regarded as some of the country’s best.
Read more… 17 January 2013

Untouched Bali

Just a 30 minute flight from the crowded beaches of Bali is the less-developed, arid island of Lombok, where surfers often have the waves all to themselves.
Read more… 25 September 2012

Indonesia’s other Kuta

The village of Kuta, located on Lombok island’s southern coast,could not be more different from its Bali namesake.
25 September 2012

Costa Rica’s surf and yoga heaven

While not every yogi on the Nicoya Peninsula is a surfer, the two pastimes compliment each other in paradise.
Read more… 16 August 2012

The wild beauty of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula

One coastal area of the Central American country is renowned for its natural beauty and exceptional surf, and can be travelled by horse or board from beach to beach.
16 August 2012

The Passport blog

Britain’s surfing heritage

The Museum of British Surfing recently opened in Braunton, North Devon, with exhibitions detailing the country’s role in the history of the sport.
Read more… 13 August 2012

Bangladesh’s surfing surprise

Cox’s Bazar may not have the surf of Hawaii or the beach culture of Australia, but it is an intriguingly offbeat proposition for the truly adventurous surfer.
Read more… 23 July 2012

Surfing on Easter Island

Riding the waves on Rapa Nui is as ancient and revered as the island’s renowned stone heads, and can be traced back to the early settlers who sailed here from Polynesia.
Read more… 28 June 2012

Beyond the Headlines

Surfer lingo, explained

This mini-glossary includes terms used to describe the culture, people and physical environment central to surfing, perfect for newcomers to the sport.
Read more… 20 April 2012

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