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Mauritius’ ultimate surfing spots

The island’s wind-swept seascapes and the deep waters off its southwestern coast are a magnet for surfers.
Read more… 20 April 2012

The world’s iciest surf spots

A small but growing number of hardcore surfers are seeking out cold water surf destinations, where wind chill and primordial surrounds take the sport to a new level.
Read more… 19 April 2012

Living In

Living in... surfing regions

Hang ten, or just hang loose, with fellow surfers near the best swells and breaks.
Read more… 18 April 2012

Seven secret surf spots

World-class surfers reveal their favourite places to catch the perfect wave.
Read more… 17 April 2012

Uruguay’s laid-back surfing devil

Surfers flock to the former fishing village of Punta del Diablo for some of the continent’s most uninterrupted swell, where just about all there is to do is focus on the waves.
Read more… 16 April 2012

California’s surf scene

The Golden State comes fully loaded with easily accessible, world-class surfing spots, the lion’s share of which are in southern California.
16 April 2012

Perfect Trip

The perfect trip: New South Wales

This southeastern region of Australia is as diverse as it is expansive. Discover world-class wines, protected botanic gardens, year-round surf and a fast-growing bar culture in Sydney.
Read more… 20 February 2012

Endless sun on Peru’s northern beaches

The quintessential ingredients for a relaxed beach holiday? Combine empty beaches, abundant seafood and perfect surf with just a dash of ancient archaeology.
Read more… 29 November 2011


Riding the waves of surf culture

Since California is known for its mellow surfers and less-than-mellow waves, we turned to pro surfer Julie Cox for some insight into the world of west coast surfing.
Read more… 21 October 2011

Sydney by the sea

The staggeringly scenic Bondi-to-Coogee Clifftop Trail is a 5km, three-hour stroll that goes a long way towards explaining the city’s love affair with the shoreline.
Read more… 31 August 2011

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