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Drone photography: An untamed photo revolution?

Using pocket drone devices, travellers can now take shots from novel angles and astounding heights.
Read more… 24 November 2014

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How 3D printing will change travel

From rendering packing unnecessary to making airplanes lighter and more efficient, 3D printing could revolutionise travel – even if, experts warn, it may not be for decades.
Read more… 29 July 2014

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Sharing homes, cars – and lawsuits

Recent challenges to travel’s sharing economy have included harassment and conflict, making 2014 the year that players like Airbnb and Uber are forced to grow up – or disappear.
Read more… 01 May 2014

Gift guide 2013: Gadgets

From a camera that takes high-tech shots with old-school glamour to lenses that amp up your iPhone, these five items will please even the most tech-savvy traveller.
29 November 2013

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Could Google Glass ease air travel?

High-tech eyewear may help ease boarding queues, speed up security lines and find lost baggage, as soon as 2014.
Read more… 22 October 2013


Possibly the world’s first GIF fest

From 11 to 13 October, San Francisco will host a three-day event dedicated to the GIF, a digital art form born and perpetuated entirely on the internet.
Read more… 11 October 2013

The Quora Column

Are tech-free vacations worth it?

Although at-your-fingertip devices make travelling hassle-free, there are major perks to unplugging on your next getaway.
Read more… 23 August 2013

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Skip the hotel, stay in a horse

Three sites specialise in finding alternative accommodations around the world, including a giant Trojan horse in Belgium, a former radar tower in Panama and a desert cave in Australia.
Read more… 31 July 2013

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Better flights in just three steps

A new breed of email alert services can save you money, time and aggravation with up-to-the-minute information on airfare sales, flight delays and newly opened seat assignments.
Read more… 08 July 2013

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