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Gift guide 2012: Budget traveller

From luggage that is ergonomically designed for backpacking to the perfect lock for hostel stays, these items will keep even the most wallet-conscious traveller on track.
07 December 2012

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The rules of ‘house swap club’

Rather than spend money on a hotel this holiday season, trade your home with someone else’s.
Read more… 07 December 2012

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Managing e-mail while on the road

Travel is about spending time on new experiences, not your inbox. So next time you go away, try one of several new apps and websites that will screen your e-mail messages for you.
Read more… 29 November 2012

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A boom in same-day hotel booking apps

If a flight delay unexpectedly leaves you stranded overnight this holiday season, these mobile booking tools may help you nab a last-minute deal.
Read more… 22 November 2012

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Rentable wi-fi for overseas travel

International travellers can save money by renting a mobile hotspot that connects their phones, tablets and laptops to a local cellular network and avoids expensive data charges.
Read more… 08 November 2012

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Five tech-savvy hotel amenities

Hotels are looking to ease the hassle of travelling with innovations such as apps for ordering room service, power strips that accept foreign plugs and more.
Read more… 25 October 2012

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New sites let you sell unused trips

If you are unable to make a flight or keep a pre-paid hotel reservation, three websites offer you the chance to recoup your costs and give deal-seekers a place to find bargain.
Read more… 18 October 2012

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Rating smartphones for global travel

Despite the recent hype around the iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Nokia Lumia 920 might prove to be more suited to globetrotting.
Read more… 21 September 2012

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Increased comfort in the sky

A number of international airlines are using improvements in aircraft construction to revamp the in-flight experience, installing plusher seats and designing cosier interiors.
Read more… 13 September 2012

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Seven innovations in air travel

The latest wave of air travel technology recognises that not all travellers are the same and aims to streamline the air passenger experience.
Read more… 30 August 2012

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