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Maps that give more than directions

When time is short, use these new websites to pinpoint the most intriguing spots at your destination and how to reach them quickly.
Read more… 01 December 2011

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The best photo-sharing and storage sites

There is fierce competition among websites and smart phone apps to become your go-to tool for showing off and storing your photos.
Read more… 24 November 2011

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Tools that (almost) make travel easier

Three new trip-planning innovations aim to help travellers find better aeroplane seats, better hotel rooms and personalised destination advice.
Read more… 17 November 2011

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Small victories in the war against lost luggage

New systems are being developed to track the 42 million bags misplaced by airlines each year.
Read more… 03 November 2011

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New photo-driven websites can inspire travel

Online scrapbooking may serendipitously lead you to your next holiday destination.
Read more… 31 October 2011

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Teleport yourself via image search

Get trip ideas with two new photo search engines that operate in real-time.
Read more… 20 October 2011

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Making friends with like-minded travellers

Apparently where you travel may affect who you travel with in the future, and two new digital tools aim to connect people based on their travel itineraries.
Read more… 06 October 2011

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Taxi apps get into gear

Travellers can book a cab through their smartphone, track the movements of the cab until it arrives and even pay for their ride.
Read more… 22 September 2011

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Google's new travel plans

With new developments in flight search, hotel bookings and restaurant reviews, the search giant is clearly moving into the travel planning space.
Read more… 15 September 2011

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Tools to plan your autumn foliage drive in North America

Surrender your guidebooks and trust these digital tools to show you the way to this season's biggest roadside attraction, in vibrant shades of crimson and gold.
Read more… 08 September 2011

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