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Tracking travel rewards

New travel tools help monitor your airline miles, credit card points and other loyalty programs, making free flights and hotels upgrades less elusive.
Read more… 01 September 2011

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Tools to plan your itinerary faster

Mapping out your favourite attractions will give you an idea of the best course to chart around town. Here are four free websites for planning an itinerary quickly.
Read more… 26 August 2011

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3D audio may revolutionise travel

Though the technology is still in its early stages, future iterations could change the way travellers drive, tour museums, watch hotel room movies and cruise through airport security.
Read more… 18 August 2011

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New developments in making calls overseas affordable

Recently released services and apps attempt to solve the age-old traveller dilemma of mobile “bill shock”.
Read more… 04 August 2011

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Tech tools for surviving travel emergencies

High and low tech travel precautions for the calamities that inevitably arise.
Read more… 28 July 2011

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Must-have apps for looking like a local

Mobile apps for decoding local currencies, measurements, clothing sizes, food ingredients — and finding bathrooms around the world.
Read more… 21 July 2011

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Geo-tagging photos gets cheap and easy

New point-and-shoot cameras remember where you have been, even when you do not. We decipher which option is the best for your needs.
Read more… 14 July 2011

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Is your airline any good?

Cynics will say that reviews and ratings for airlines do not matter. But new technology and several websites could prove the cynics wrong.
Read more… 07 July 2011

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The future of travel search

We ask one of Silicon Valley's top technology pros, Adam Goldstein, to peer into his crystal ball and predict how trip planning can be improved in the next five years.
Read more… 30 June 2011

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Rent an electric bike in London

A new development in London could make cycling a less sweaty way to see the sights.
Read more… 23 June 2011

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