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The Quora Column

What should I absolutely not do when visiting your country?

Local etiquette trips up even the savviest travellers – so Quora respondents weighed in with some of the worst mistakes to make abroad.
Read more… 15 June 2014

How I Quit My Job to Travel

How I quit my job to travel: The wedding photographer

Travel blogger Kirsten Alana explains how, and why, she left her life behind – without savings, much travel experience or even a backpack.
Read more… 23 March 2014

Beyond the Headlines

How safe is your passport?

The mysterious case of missing Flight MH370, and two passengers with masked identities, could spell change for travellers.
Read more… 13 March 2014

The Quora Column

Advice on quitting your job and travelling for a year

Embarking on an extended adventure often means taking a leap of faith and leaving key responsibilities behind. But those that have done it say the experience is more than worth it.
Read more… 07 February 2014

Reader Q&A

Reader Q&A: Where to celebrate Christmas and New Year

BBC Travel reader Sarah Morrison wants to spend the winter holidays in Europe. In the lead up to the festive season, our Facebook fans share their destination ideas.
Read more… 18 December 2013

Reader Q&A

Reader Q&A: Skiing on a student budget near Vienna

BBC Travel reader Carrie Miller is studying in Austria next year and wants to know about affordable ski weekend possibilities. Our Facebook followers provided suggestions.
Read more… 02 December 2013

Beyond the Headlines

Should women avoid travelling alone?

Worldwide coverage of several high-profile violent incidents has pushed the controversial issue into the forefront of public dialogue.
Read more… 22 November 2013

Reader Q&A

Reader Q&A: Where are the top horse trekking destinations?

BBC Travel reader Elly Geven is looking to go on a horseback riding holiday with her teenage daughter. Our Facebook fans shared their suggestions.
Read more… 23 October 2013

Reader Q&A

Reader Q&A: Traveller musts in Morocco

BBC Travel reader Belalang Tempur is headed to Marrakesh in October and has turned to our Facebook fans for advice on where to stay and what to do.
Read more… 27 August 2013

The Passport blog

Stress-busting airport amenities

Reflection areas and yoga rooms offer travellers respite from the hectic pace of airport security ― without the cost of premier access or a lounge pass.
Read more… 15 August 2013

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