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Finding clean water on the go

Techniques and devices that will zap the contaminants in your water and reduce the need to purchase plastic bottles around the globe.
Read more… 06 September 2012

The rise of medical tourism in Bangkok

While most travellers aim to stay out of the hospital while on vacation, a growing number of people are crossing international borders for the purpose of attaining medical services.
Read more… 04 September 2012

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Seven innovations in air travel

The latest wave of air travel technology recognises that not all travellers are the same and aims to streamline the air passenger experience.
Read more… 30 August 2012

The Passport blog

Securing tickets for Machu Picchu

Since 2011, when officials implemented a daily cap on visitors to protect and preserve the transcendent City of the Incas, it has become even more important to reserve tickets early.
Read more… 24 August 2012

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Top sites for swapping travel tips

A look at how online message boards stack up with their next-generation equivalents, which add a social networking layer.
Read more… 23 August 2012

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Getting a degree in sustainable travel

As the idea of responsible tourism has taken hold, so too have university programs designed to give students the skills to influence how tourism is managed.
Read more… 22 August 2012

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Travellers’ impact on coral reefs

Non-biodegradable sunscreen could be harming the algae that keeps the world’s coral healthy. But many experts say that concern is just a drop in the ocean of more threatening elements.
Read more… 07 August 2012

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Central America’s shift in safety

While cocaine-producing Colombia and cocaine-transiting Mexico are plagued by government warnings, the narco-trafficking corridor in-between is relatively free of travel alerts.
Read more… 03 August 2012

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Five download-worthy travel mags

A handful of intelligent start-up travel magazines are taking an iPad-first approach, with apps designed specifically for the device’s interactive features.
Read more… 20 July 2012


Guidelines for spending Ramadan in Dubai

When the annual Muslim festival starts on 20 July, visitors to Dubai will see a different side to the city with shorter business days and a quieter nightlife scene.
Read more… 18 July 2012

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