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Traveller’s cheques down, but not out

Despite falling out of popularity in recent years, the former darling of the overseas money markets should still be a part of your travel wallet.
Read more… 20 April 2012

Beyond the Headlines

Pro photographers reveal their top travel gear

From road-tested tripods to essential photo-related apps, we asked a few well-travelled professional shutterbugs to weigh in on the best gear for snapping photos.
Read more… 09 April 2012

The Passport blog

Save money even after you book

If US hotel rates, airfares and car hire rates drop after you book, several websites, including the just-launched, send you a refund.
Read more… 22 March 2012

Beyond the Headlines

Fantastic and free travel stories

A new site aims to curate the finest, long form travel writing from the last 20 years, and it works well with laptops, e-readers and other mobile devices.
Read more… 21 March 2012

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Best blogging tools for travellers

Free and easy ways to keep an online journal or collage of your travels.
Read more… 15 March 2012

The Passport blog

More space for carry-on bags

As more passengers carry bags on board to avoid rampant checked-baggage fees, airlines are increasing the size of the overhead luggage bins to help ease congestion.
Read more… 09 March 2012

Beyond the Headlines

Pro travellers reveal their top tech tools

From camel-proof cameras to airport-navigating apps, these are the tools full-time digital drifters use while on the road.
Read more… 08 March 2012

Beyond the Headlines

Travel logistics in Israel and the West Bank

Travelling around the region takes planning and common sense.
Read more… 02 March 2012

The Passport blog

Travelling responsibly in Burma

The country’s previously tense political situation prevented many from visiting. If you do decide to go to this South Asian country, here are a few tips for travelling responsibly.
Read more… 01 March 2012

Beyond the Headlines

Twitter tips for travellers

How to find the best bargains, last-minute deals and latest information on the social networking site
Read more… 01 March 2012

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