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Paris paves the way with short term rental cars

Following in the tyre-treads of Velib’, Paris’ successful public bike hire scheme, this week the city launched Autolib’, a similar system for cars.
Read more… 07 December 2011

The Passport blog

BBC Travel 2011 gift guides

Our annual, anxiety-relieving gift guides offer the perfect solution for the avid travellers on your holiday list. Let the shopping begin!
Read more… 02 December 2011

Gift guide 2011: Apps

Seven ideas for the constantly connected traveller, including a polar survival guide and an app that decodes Australia’s sustainable seafood.
02 December 2011

Beyond the Headlines

Maps that give more than directions

When time is short, use these new websites to pinpoint the most intriguing spots at your destination and how to reach them quickly.
Read more… 01 December 2011

A guide to global airline alliances

Just like frequent flyer programs, the alliance you marry into can affect your airport experience, how you earn or burn miles and even where you take your hard-earned vacations.
Read more… 01 December 2011

Taking great travel pictures

From the right equipment to the art of timing, photographer Tyler Stalman offers tips on capturing the perfect shot.
25 November 2011

Wildlife photography tips

Even with perfect timing and the right lens, getting the perfect wildlife shot requires a lot of patience and luck. Be as prepared as possible with these tips.
24 November 2011

Indoor photography tips

Taking high-quality indoor pictures requires great flexibility, as you need to quickly switch between different techniques depending on the amount of available light.
24 November 2011

Urban photography tips

Cities and towns are rich in subject matter and offer round-the-clock photo opportunities. These tips will help you get the best shots in one day, no matter where you are in the world.
23 November 2011

‘Business casual’ attire around the world

Do your homework before you pack to avoid the potential embarrassment of over- or under-dressing at a business casual function in another city or country.
Read more… 22 November 2011

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