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Travel etiquette: Eating and drinking

A list of etiquette tips, taken from various Lonely Planet guidebooks, to help you eat and drink in different parts of the world.
Read more… 19 May 2011

Beyond the Headlines

The red tape of Russian visas

Not as hard to obtain as a US or China visa, but there are plenty of hoops to jump through before your visit.
Read more… 13 May 2011

The Passport blog

Hotel Haiku puts poetry into hotel booking

A new website lets you browse for hotels via haiku and photos. It's the latest attempt to bring some art to the travel booking process.
Read more… 09 May 2011

Travel etiquette 101: Body language

Ten country-specific tips to help you navigate different customs.
Read more… 06 May 2011

The Passport blog

Tech test drive: iPhone lenses

We took four lenses – a wide angle, macro, fisheye and telephoto – from Photojojo for a test drive on a dreary, rainy day in New York.
Read more… 22 April 2011

Travel trivia: 10 geeky facts from around the globe

From Mt. Everest to Mexico City to South Africa, surprising stats and fantastical facts about some of the world’s most iconic sights.
Read more… 22 April 2011

iPhone lenses improve your outlook

These external iPhone lenses make unthinkable shots possible.
22 April 2011

The Passport blog

US strengthens airline passenger rights

A broad range of new or enhanced consumer protections, including greater compensation for involuntarily bumped passengers, will go into effect in September.
Read more… 21 April 2011

The Passport blog

More flights allow mobile calls

Air New Zealand joins several other airlines, such as Emirates and TAP Air Portugal, that use picocell technology to allow mobile voice calls on certain flights.
Read more… 13 April 2011

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