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Google’s lesser-known travel apps

Location-based applications for Android and iPhone serve as pocket tour guides, alerting you to popular restaurants and landmarks and providing real-time translations.
Read more… 12 April 2013

The Passport blog

Virgin tops US airline industry report

Included for the first time in the official Airline Quality Rating, Virgin America ranked first in overall performance, though industry-wide complaints jumped by 20%.
Read more… 10 April 2013

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How airline pricing works

Long gone are the days when government regulation forced flight prices to be based on flight lengths. Today, the final fare is much more dependent on the person buying.
Read more… 05 April 2013

Beyond the Headlines

New ways to earn miles faster

New websites Rocketmiles and PointsHound pinpoint online promotions that help you quickly stockpile frequent flyer miles.
Read more… 04 April 2013

The Passport blog

Possible flight delays this spring

Budget cuts, including plans to close 149 air traffic control towers across the US and air traffic controller furloughs, could lead to additional flight disruptions.
Read more… 28 March 2013

Beyond the Headlines

Say goodbye to hotel room roulette

The website Room 77 helps you nab the exact type of room you want at a hotel, not merely the cheapest one on offer.
Read more… 20 March 2013

World’s most welcoming countries

The World Economic Forum ranked 140 nations in order of their hospitality towards international travellers. From Iceland to Bosnia, these 10 friendly places made the grade.
19 March 2013

The Passport blog

The best airports of 2012

A new survey by Airport Council International ranks the world’s top airports, with Indianapolis coming first in North America and Seoul soaring to the top in Asia-Pacific.
Read more… 15 March 2013

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Subway systems by the numbers

A look at how some of the world’s most ridden metros stack up when it comes to convenience, efficiency and safety.
Read more… 15 March 2013

The Passport blog

A new passenger bill of rights

Unveiled this week, a European Union proposal aims to clarify the airline’s obligations when flights are delayed, cancelled or rerouted.
Read more… 15 March 2013

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