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A flight search that maximizes miles

Superfly helps determine which flight will earn the most frequent flyer points, so the most valuable ticket may not be the cheapest.
Read more… 14 March 2013

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Need a flight? Start a contest

The website Flightfox pits experts against each other to find you the cheapest airfare for a complicated, long-distance itinerary.
Read more… 06 March 2013

The Passport blog

The cost of flying on the cheap

Spirit Airlines, Ryan Air and Air Asia have made a business out of offering dirt-cheap airfares, but the experience of flying them may not be worth the price.
Read more… 06 March 2013

Now in flight, knives and pool cues

The TSA has lifted a ban on various items previously deemed as hazardous carry-on luggage, including small knives, ski poles and novelty baseball bats.
05 March 2013

The Passport blog

Sleep in a pod on the fly

Airport mini suites, inspired by Japanese capsule hotels, are becoming an increasingly popular option for travellers who are exhausted from hours in transit.
Read more… 04 March 2013

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Flip a coin, book a flight

The website GetGoing suggests trip ideas based on your personal preferences and offers discounts of up to 40% on airfares. But your final holiday destination is up to the site.
Read more… 28 February 2013

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The darker side of tourism

Travellers can play their part in reducing sex tourism by being aware of suspicious activity and supporting companies that take a stand against child trafficking.
Read more… 24 February 2013

Beyond the Headlines

How credit card-friendly is your next destination?

From Washington DC to Burma, some destinations are looking to increase their acceptance of plastic.
Read more… 22 February 2013

The Passport blog

US officials put a focus on LGBT travellers

The US State Department has launched an initiative to provide advice geared towards gay travellers, who sometimes face specific risks abroad.
Read more… 21 February 2013

The Passport blog

The effects of the American Airlines merger

Creating the world’s biggest airline will likely mean teething problems similar to the 2010 United-Continental union, with cancellations and delays and frequent flier glitches.
Read more… 20 February 2013

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