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Where to stay for Obama’s inauguration

Six historic Washington DC hotels that combine political history with the US President’s inaugural address on 21 January.
Read more… 18 January 2013

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Travellers stranded as authorities ground all Dreamliners

More mechanical problems with Boeing’s dream jet have turned air travel into a nightmare, as passengers face days-long delays and modified itineraries.
Read more… 17 January 2013

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Cuba lifts travel restrictions

President Raul Castro has announced a landmark new travel policy that will make it easier for millions of Cubans to leave the communist country.
Read more… 16 January 2013

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2012's best and worst US airlines

A new ranking by the Wall Street Journal reveals that overall Delta was the best airline, while United was the worst.
Read more… 15 January 2013

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Rental cars go electric

Eco-conscious travellers are increasingly able to hire electric cars on holiday, both reducing their travel emissions and getting the chance to drive one of these vehicles.
Read more… 14 January 2013

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Is Haiti safe for travellers?

Three years after a massive earthquake rattled Haiti, conflicting advice from the US and Haitian governments is casting a cloud over tourism to the recovering Caribbean nation.
Read more… 11 January 2013

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Cash-only for visitors to the Vatican

Earlier this week, Italian authorities banned electronic payments – including credit and debit cards – as well as most ATM withdrawals in the tiny city-state.
Read more… 10 January 2013

The Passport blog

Is the Boeing Dreamliner safe?

More mechanical glitches on the 787 this week have officials and passengers questioning the safety of Boeing’s newest and star airliner.
Read more… 10 January 2013

Beyond the Headlines

When’s the best time to book flights?

According to recent studies, purchasing far in advance will not always result in the lowest fares.
Read more… 08 January 2013


A cake fit for a king in Paris

Sumptuous galettes de rois, from traditional to original, can be found throughout the French capital this January.
Read more… 07 January 2013

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