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The Passport blog

How to deal with stress on corporate trips

Understanding the human cost of savings when flying economy or checking into low-end hotels.
Read more… 03 January 2013

Six unique Australian souvenirs

Ideas for the discerning traveller to take home from a trip down under, from illuminated emu eggs to rare guitar models.
02 January 2013

Beyond the Headlines

Best travel tech in 2012

A selection of the year’s most innovative websites, mobile apps and photography gear.
Read more… 27 December 2012

Beyond the Headlines

Pocket-sized guides to flyer’s rights

If your flight is severely delayed or cancelled this holiday season, two apps will help decode what compensation you are owed.
Read more… 20 December 2012


Fabulous foot massages in Hong Kong

Travellers can get their sole-weary feet rubbed and kneaded for a pittance of what it costs in most large cities, with the myriad options ranging from traditional to chic.
Read more… 17 December 2012

Beyond the Headlines

Six ways to shield your laptop

From keyboard protectors to laptop cushions, these products could save your expensive tech gear from travel mishaps like spills and falls.
Read more… 14 December 2012

Beyond the Headlines

Managing e-mail while on the road

Travel is about spending time on new experiences, not your inbox. So next time you go away, try one of several new apps and websites that will screen your e-mail messages for you.
Read more… 29 November 2012

Beyond the Headlines

A boom in same-day hotel booking apps

If a flight delay unexpectedly leaves you stranded overnight this holiday season, these mobile booking tools may help you nab a last-minute deal.
Read more… 22 November 2012

The Passport blog

The 2012 Thanksgiving travel race begins

With some key tips, tools and reminders, one of America’s busiest travel times doesn’t also have to be the most tormenting.
Read more… 21 November 2012

Beyond the Headlines

Rentable wi-fi for overseas travel

International travellers can save money by renting a mobile hotspot that connects their phones, tablets and laptops to a local cellular network and avoids expensive data charges.
Read more… 08 November 2012

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