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The first rule in tracking lions: No running

Walking safaris in Botswana bring travellers out of the jeep – and their comfort zone – and onto the dry, African soil to hunt for one of the greatest predators in the animal kingdom.
Read more… 23 January 2015

In Fiji, diving with big, hungry sharks

Stunning photos from one of the world’s few cage-free shark-diving operations.
06 January 2015

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Where polar bears outnumber people

The town of Churchill in Manitoba, Canada is the “polar bear capital of the world”. For two months each year, bears migrate to the tundra while waiting for ice to form on Hudson Bay.
Read more… 06 January 2015

Botswana’s Okavango Delta from a dugout canoe

While most travellers come to Botswana’s famed Okavango Delta for the ultimate jeep safari, some insist Africa’s swamp-like wonderland is best seen by boat.
Read more… 05 January 2015

A quest to see Canada’s orcas in the wild

As the debate about captive killer whales continues, the waters off Vancouver Island offer an incredible chance to see the creatures in their natural habitat.
Read more… 07 December 2014

The last unexplored side of the Serengeti

Off-limits for more than two decades, eastern Serengeti's remote Soit Le Motonyi region is newly accessible to visitors – and quickly gaining a reputation as a hot spot for big cats.
Read more… 14 November 2014

Exploring Switzerland’s green legacy – on foot

One hundred years after the creation of the country’s first – and only – national park, Switzerland’s conservation efforts are anything but idle.
Read more… 14 November 2014

Google Street View maps South Georgia for the first time

100 years after Sir Ernest Shackleton stepped foot on South Georgia, an island that had never been mapped, Google adds the subantarctic isle to its arsenal of Street View imagery.
Read more… 05 November 2014

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Meet the tarsier: The world's oldest primate

The tarsier is the oldest surviving primate on Earth – but it isn’t easy to find. Travel to the Philippine island that the animal calls home.
Read more… 30 October 2014

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Tracking Estonia’s brown bears

Travellers are heading to Estonia in hopes of spotting wildlife that has vanished from much of Western Europe.
Read more… 19 October 2014

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