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Worldwide Weird

Australia’s sea of crimson claws

Every year in late spring, Australia’s Christmas Island sees more than 40 million red crabs make the arduous journey from the wet inland forests to the Indian Ocean to spawn.
Read more… 20 November 2013

In Florida, man v manatee

The endangered West Indian manatee is thriving in Kings Bay, and so is tourism. Therein lies the problem.
15 November 2013

Reader Q&A

Reader Q&A: Where are the top horse trekking destinations?

BBC Travel reader Elly Geven is looking to go on a horseback riding holiday with her teenage daughter. Our Facebook fans shared their suggestions.
Read more… 23 October 2013

Where the wild things are

Ethiopia may not have the luxury safari lodges of its southern neighbours, but wildlife viewing here is an unbridled adventure that is big on nature and short on flashy tours.
Read more… 03 October 2013

What can animals teach us about travel?

We humans like to think that the act of travel is our creation. But our animal cousins have been seeking warm weather in the winter, playing in the surf and ridesharing for years.
01 October 2013

Nature’s biggest treasure hunt

Threatened by warmer water temperatures and their status as an Icelandic delicacy, experts are fearful for the future of the country’s puffin population.
Read more… 10 September 2013

Travel Luxe

Play one-on-one with a giant panda

For a price in the high six figures, a few lucky travellers get the chance to feed, bathe and exercise the endangered animals in Chengdu, China.
Read more… 03 September 2013

An Alaskan paradise in peril

The pristine Bristol Bay region sets its pace to the tides of its salmon runs, but a tempting discovery threatens to turn an old way of life on its head.
08 August 2013

Zimbabwe, a side you've never seen

Slowly leaving behind its days of violence and corruption, the southern African nation is back in the business of offering travellers thrilling, up-close animal adventures.
Read more… 30 July 2013

A wild world off California's coast

Just beyond San Francisco, the mysterious Farallon Islands are a collection of inhospitable rocky peaks where nutrient-rich waters make it a perfect place for whale watching.
Read more… 29 July 2013

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