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48 travel features tagged “Wildlife”

Bison, vodka and Poland's primeval forest

The World Heritage-listed Bialowieza is Europe’s last virginal forest, covering 1,500sqkm of pristine land on the eastern side of the country bordering with Belarus.
Read more… 18 April 2013

On the road: Singapore

Get away from the bustle of downtown at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, a 400-acre reserve that is home to more than 1,000 species of plants and 200 species of animals.
10 April 2013

In search of the California sea otter

Thought to be extinct 100 years ago, wildlife lovers can find the world’s entire population of this keystone species along a 200-mile stretch of California’s central coast.
Read more… 09 April 2013

A boy's mission to save the camel

Camels have been fabled ships of the desert for centuries, but the litter left by Abu Dhabi day trippers can lead to a slow and painful death when the animals mistake it for food.
Read more… 04 April 2013

World's best beaches for wildlife

From a sandy Costa Rican turtle sanctuary to a colony of king penguins in Chile, these five spots give animal lovers good reason to grab their sunscreen.
02 April 2013

Livingstone’s Zambia

In the anniversary year of his birth, follow in the Scottish explorer’s footsteps through the country that lays claim to both his most famous discovery and his buried heart.
Read more… 15 March 2013

Life in Zambia’s lush Luangwa Valley

Spread over four national parks, this remote African valley is home to 60 animal species, including buffalo, elephants, lions and hippos and the unique Thornicroft's giraffe.
14 March 2013

Borneo’s rainforest wildlife

Borneo’s Danum Valley Conservation Area is home to a wide variety of animals, from endangered elephants to rare giant amphibians.
22 May 2012

Caring for wildlife, Namibian-style

This southern African country is one of the world’s most successful wildlife conservation stories, with many stable or increasing endangered animal populations.
Read more… 21 March 2012

Florida’s newest wildlife refuge

This parcel of protected land, an unexpected location for both beauty and an adrenaline-inducing adventure, will help save the Everglades.
Read more… 08 March 2012

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