Smiles all around on Japan trains

Japonya'da tebessüm tarayıcı

In Tokyo, some of the busiest railway stations in the world have installed computerised 'smile scanners' to help employees deliver a better service.

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Tokyo has some of the busiest train stations in the world. But now passengers can be assured of a friendly welcome from staff no matter how hard-pressed they are thanks to technology.

The computerised 'smile scanner' works by calculating the optimum curvature of the lips. Those with a low score are given words of advice, such as, 'you look to serious'. The idea is that workers maintain their computer-approved grins throughout the day.

Although the railway company says the smile scan system is not compulsory, all staff at the station have used it.

Taichi Takahashi from Keihin Express Railway: I don't think we've had that much opportunity to stare at our faces that closely and for that long to check our facial expressions. The employees say the scan has helped them check their facial expressions, which helped them communicate more effectively with the customers.

So far the smile scanners have been installed at 15 train stations on the company's network, leaving grumpy workers with few places to hide.

Roland Buerk, BBC News, Tokyo

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no matter

ne olursa olsun, fark etmez


zorda, burada: yoğun


bilgisayarlı, bilgisayarla çalışan




en iyi, ideal


kavis, eğim

maintain their computer-approved grins

bilgisayar onaylı gülümsemelerini devam ettirsinler


mecburi, zorunlu

facial expressions

yüz ifadeleri


aksi, ters