Royal charity action role

Prens William, desteklediği bir hayır kurumu için genç evsizler ve gönüllüler ile yürüyüşte

Prince William has been speaking for the first time about his charitable work.

The Prince is patron of 12 organisations.

He says he wants to be more than just a royal 'ornament'.

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This is part of Prince William's solution to an age-old royal challenge - what to do as a future king while you wait to fulfil your destiny. As well as pursuing his military career, William has been encouraging the charities he's patron of to work together. This has led, for example, to the mountain rescue service taking some young homeless people from the charity, Centrepoint, up a Cumbrian mountain to improve their self-confidence. Prince William says he's trying to make a difference.

Prince William: 'I think there's a time and a place for being an ornament. You know, shaking hands and being at an engagement and showing support in that way. But I think there's an awful lot more from actually doing stuff, and this is an example of what I just want to actually be more involved in, doing a slightly different angle on it.'

Prince William and Prince Harry are also setting up a charitable foundation so they can give grants to organisations they support.

Peter Hunt, BBC News

Sözcükleri dinlemek için tıklayın

an age-old royal challenge

Kraliyet ailesi için süregelen bir sorun

to fulfil your destiny

kaderin seçtiği, alnına yazılmış göreve gelmek


uğraşmak, sürdürmek

he's patron of

hamisi, önde gelen destekçisi

to improve their self-confidence

özgüvenlerini artırmak

to make a difference

fark yaratmak

there's a time and a place for being an ornament

bir süs nesnesi olmanın yeri ve zamanı var

being at an engagement

bir törene, resmi açılışa vs katılmak

actually doing stuff

gerçekten birşeyler yapmak

doing a slightly different angle

farklı bakmak, geleneksel çerçevenin dışına çıkmak