Auschwitz sign recovered

olish police say they have recovered the sign from the former Auschwitz Nazi death camp which had been stolen on Friday.

The sign has come to symbolise Auschwitz, where more than one million people died.

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Police said the sign, which had been cut up and divided into its three constituent words, had been found in a small town in northern Poland. They said five men, between twenty and thirty nine years of age, had been detained and taken south to Krakow, not far from Auschwitz, for questioning.

It's not clear at this stage why the thieves stole the five metre long black hollow steel sign. Its theft triggered a nationwide search with the authorities offering a $40,000 reward for information.

Both the presidents of Poland and Israel condemn the crime. A spokesman for Auschwitz, now a museum which attracts a million visitors a year, compared it to desecrating a cemetery. He said the sign would be repaired and hung over the main entrance gate. A replica has already gone up in its place.

Adam Easton, BBC News, Warsaw

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constituent words

tümce ya da ifadenin parçaları


gözaltına alınmak

at this stage

bu aşamada


içi boş


tetiklemek, bir süreci başlatmak


ülke çapında




kınamak, genellikle ahlaki nedenlerle sert tepki göstermek,


(kutsal bir şeye) saygısızlık etmek


tıpatıp kopyası