Haberlerle İngilizce: Healthy chocolate


Scientists from the University of Warwick in the UK have revealed a new method to cut the amount of fat in chocolate in half while keeping all the taste.

Reporter: Jason Palmer

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Here's the problem with chocolate - what makes it velvety and smooth in the mouth is exactly what ends up elsewhere - fat.

Low-fat versions disappoint because it's difficult to replace the tiny globules of fat with anything else that disperses within the chocolate and maintains its texture.

The trick, it seems, is to use agar - a widely available gelling agent. Thoroughly blended bits of it, the researchers say, act as tiny sponges that soak up any liquid - fruit juice, plain water, even alcohol.

Stefan Bon, who led the research, said that the method opens up whole new markets for chocolate, and that additives such as fruit juice could further increase chocolate's health credentials.

Stefan Bon: "It would both lower fat content and sugar content, so for people who have a craving and want to just down a bar of 200g, you take half the amount of fat in, so it's great."

But for the less health-conscious, students in the group have made a chocolate bar containing four shots of vodka.

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velvety kadifemsi, yumuşacık

globules kürecikler

disperses dağılan

agar agar (deniz yosunundan elde edilen bir jelleştirici)

gelling agent jel ya da pelte haline getiren madde

sponges süngerler

additives katkı maddeleri

health credentialsburada: çukulatayı sağlıklı bir besin maddesi yapan özellikler

craving canı çekmek

health-conscious sağlıklı yaşama önem verenler

shots (özellikle viski ya da votka gibi alkollü içkilerde) tek atımlık doz