İngilizceci Henry: Transport Idioms - Drive

İngilizceci Henry bu bölümde şoför koltuğuna geçiyor.

Öğretmenimiz araba kullanmakla ilgili üç deyimi anlatacak:

  • In the driver's seat
  • A backseat driver
  • A Sunday driver

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Hello, I'm a very interesting and intelligent... racing driver.

And today the verb 'to drive' and I are getting together to teach you some English idioms.

I bet you've never been taught by the verb 'to drive' before.


As you can see, I'm in the driver's seat.

In English, if someone is in control of a situation or in charge of something, we can say they're 'in the driver's seat'.

In the driver’s seat.

What's that? You want me to slow down? Whatever for? No! I'm driving! How dare you try to tell me how to drive!

In English, if someone tries to take control of a situation that they are not responsible for, we can say they're a backseat driver.


A backseat driver.

Like that time I was fired for being too... silly. Well, I still went to the class and tried to teach. I was a real backseat driver.

Right, back to my drive.

Ah, nothing so relaxing as a nice drive.

Oi! Oi you, get outta the way! Come on you idiot, get outta the way! Come on, why are you going so slow, Grandad? All I want's a nice drive. Come on you idiot, get outta the way! Last thing I need's a Sunday driver! Aah!

In English, we call someone who drives at an annoyingly slow speed, a Sunday Driver.

A Sunday driver.

You idiot! Oi, get outta the way! You're ruining my day idiot. Get out of the road, you shouldn't even be allowed to drive. Get out of the way. Aaaaah!!

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