Günün Deyimi: To get a handle on something

Today's phrase

If you get a handle on something, you begin to understand it.


I used to be terrible at maths but after lots of hard work, I think I've got a handle on it now.

If I could just get a handle on this new project at work, I'm sure the boss would give me a pay rise.

Take note

If something or someone is too hot to handle, it is too dangerous or difficult to deal with.


The presenter found it very difficult to interview the film star. He was too hot to handle, and didn't want to answer any questions.

Interesting fact

These ornate walking sticks are on display as part of an exhibition of antiques. A person who collects walking sticks is known as a rabologist.


to get a handle on something: hakim olmak

too hot to handle: ele alması zor/tehlikeli olan

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