İngilizceci Henry: Gold

İngilizceci Henry dizimizin bu bölümünde öğretmenimiz altın ile ilgili deyimleri anlatacak.

Henry'nin anlatmaya çalışacağı üç deyim:

  • As good as gold
  • A heart of gold
  • Worth its weight in gold

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Hello, I'm a very interesting, and intelligent and rich man.

Not really.

And today this gold and I will be getting together to teach you some English idioms.

I bet you've never been taught by some gold before!

And now… a metallurgy lesson.

Gold is… good.

Ah. My boss's dog, Brian.

He asked me to look after him while he went away on holiday.

My boss says Brian's as good as gold.

But I'm not so sure.

In English, if someone - usually a child, or a pet, is verywell-behaved, we say they're as good as gold.

As good as gold.

There you are Brian, good dog…Ah!

Argh! Brian! Brian! Get down! No! Let go, Brian! Sit! Sit! Argh! Roll over! No, lay down


Have you met my sister?

She's a lovely girl, but I don't know why… nobody seems to like her.

She's so kind and helpful…

…that's right. She's got a heart of gold.

In English, if someone is very kind and helpful, we say they've got a heart of gold.

A heart of gold.

And next in our lesson on gold….

Gold is…

… heavy…and… valuable.

Um, what IS the time, by the way?

Ah, thank you.

Clocks are SO useful, aren't they? In fact, they're worth their weight in gold.

In English, if something is extremely useful, we say it's worth its weight in gold.

Worth its weight in gold.

Like my lessons. They're worth their weight in gold.

What do you mean, my lessons are very lightweight?!

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