Haberlerle İngilizce: Destruction in the Phillippines

Officials estimate up to 10,000 people have died in Tacloban city and elsewhere in the Philippines in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.

Many other people are now struggling to survive without food, shelter or clean drinking water.


Jon Donnison

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Tacloban has been flattened. Driving down the main high street, hardly a single building is left standing. People say this town was hit by a wall of water when the typhoon struck on Friday.

There's the stench of rotting corpses. Driving in from the airport we saw scores of bodies lying by the roadside. For three days they have been there – nobody to bury them. People are desperate for food, clean water and shelter. At the badly battered airport, a makeshift hospital has been set up. We saw two young women giving birth, laid out among the debris.

Aid is getting in, but slowly and this is just one town in one province. Nobody knows the full extent of the devastation elsewhere.

Sözcükleri dinlemek için tıklayın

flattened: yerle bir olmak

struck: vurmak

stench: pis koku

scores: çok sayıda

shelter: sığınak

battered: yıkılmış

makeshift: derme çatma

debris: enkaz

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