Günün Deyimi: To file away

Today's phrase

To file away is a phrasal verb which means to store a document in an organised way, often in a file with other similar documents.


All my letters are filed away in a big cabinet in my office.

On Friday mornings I pay the bills and invoices from the past week, then I file them away.

Take note

One funny slang expression is the circular file. When you put something in the circular file, where does it go? In the wastebasket!


A: What happened to those printouts?B: Oh, they went in the circular file, sorry. I didn't think you needed them.

Interesting fact

These days, in English, you are likely to see or hear the word 'file' when talking about computer files. We talk about 'filenames'; 'types of file' (doc, jpg, mp3, mp4); and 'file size' in kilobytes (KB), megabytes (MB), gigabytes (GB) and even terabytes (TB).


to file away: dosyalayıp kaldırmak

the circular file: (mecazi) çöp

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